Hi, I am Rachél

(sounds like Rah-shel).

I would love to help you

​fall in love with your creative life!

I like to think we have choices in each waking moment about how we express ourselves…. where we hold back, where we dare, and where we bloom. I call that collection of choices our Creative Life Journey.

That journey can feel daunting at times, but when you are able to show up to the creative self, it will often dig into the rich treasures of your inner wisdom and help you intuitively find the way.

How do you access that inner wisdom? By inviting the creative self to express itself using inspirational, creative practices.

That space is where I show up in my life work. I show up to help others connect with themselves, explore their inner world, and dare to share their own personal essence with the outer world using transformative stories, metaphors, symbols, and intentional creative practices.

Do you wish to know yourself more fully?
Would you like to express yourself more easily and authentically?
Are you tired of feeling like life is JUST happening to you?

I love creating life-deepening experiences with other Creatives… just LIKE YOU!


CreativiTEA Ceremony

Season of Remembering


How often have you sat down to have a cup of tea with a loved one? Season of Remembering blends that tradition of connecting over tea with creative practices designed to help you honor your dearly departed and ancestors during this Season of Remembering.

10 year moon celebration square

Creativity Booster Pack


Are you ready to give a boost to your creativity? This Creativity Booster Pack highlights 13 awesomely simple but effective approaches to maximizing your creativity. Includes Guide Book + Booster Chat + Art-ivities... just perfect for your Creative Life.

 Illuminata Candles


Let your creativity spark the Season of Light by joining a circle of kindred spirits for Illuminata. This much loved creative ritual uses intentional candles to explore the meaning and magic of the coming season. Where will you focus your unique light?


My heart-to-heart sharing about the journey of choosing the creative life.


Guided creative opportunities to dip into the treasures of your inner world.


Connect with the Creative Life Collective for inspiration and encouragement.

Connect with me: @rachelpaynecreative

Your Muse is calling…


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